So, what about Chris Flynn Design?

Welcome to Chris Flynn Design


We are award winning designers that live, breathe, eat and sleep design. Our passion is what our studio is based on! Our designs are unique, stylish, creative and customer based. We work in a variety of diverse disciplines, which includes graphic design, digital and branding. We design for web, focusing on best-practices, design communication, technology usability and accessibility across browsers, users and mediums.

We produce high impact messages and campaigns that engage, inspire and entertain. We drive action and results through our digital campaigns. We develop advertising strategies, raise brand awareness, and get behind the scenes of what really makes business successful.

On the branding front, we are obsessed with designing better logos and brands that are memorable, beautiful, emotional and approachable.


Clients love us and we love our clients! We build relationships by giving our full attention, understanding and connecting to their needs. Our clients are confident in the services we provide. So when you ask us why design? The answer is simple. Great design just makes sense.