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Your Logo and Branding is a very important piece of your business communication. For that reason, it is always important to have a strong “Why.” This helps us to engage emotionally with your brand. It also reinforces the impression that your customers or clients respond to when they hear your business name. Your brand is essentially based on gut feeling, emotions, and experiences with your business good or bad. Your is therefore not so much a tangible or physical thing but rather exists in the minds of your clients or customers. For this reason, it is important that your brand message is clear and conveys your intended values and ideas. Great branding is getting to the heart of what your company is all about and then delivering it across all platforms, products, and services.

Components of Branding

There are many components of branding. These include but are not limited to brand identity, brand image and positioning, brand culture and brand personality. These components are made up of many separate elements. They include your logo, your typeface, and key colours. It also includes elements such as your packaging, pricing, advertising, customer care and public relations.

Your logo is the visual representation of your business. It is quite often the first point of communication your company will make. It forms the cornerstone of your brand

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, in addition to all your visual design and graphic elements, such as business cards, invoicing, stationary and PR materials. These physical and graphical elements when designed well will help to realise the core values of your business. This, in turn, will help establish the foundations of your brand. To help you understand the concept of branding I have broken down 3 key components into bite-sized paragraphs for easy reference.


Your logo forms only a small part of your brand. It is your company mark or icon and is symbolic of your entire identity & brand. Your logo can either be graphic (made up of symbols or icons) or composed of textual elements only or a combination of both. Graphic elements should be simple in form, memorable and most of all convey the intended message visually. Some important areas to consider are colour, scalability, proportion and symmetry. Read about my Logo Design Process here.

Many textual logo’s often rely on the latest super fashionable font or typeface, which isn’t always the best idea. You need to think about the sustainability of your logo, its longevity. You really don’t want it to date too quickly! To really stand out from the crowd, I would highly recommend that you consider using a custom-made font. This will ensure your logo will be totally unique and original to you. Remember, your logo is the face of your company, an instant visual reference. It must be an unmistakable brand mark that will ultimately endure the test of time.


Your identity is a combination of the physical elements of your company. This includes all your graphic elements, such as your logo, business cards, color palette options and typefaces. It also includes your digital marketing, advertising, websites and everything else down to your premises and storefront design. It is an essential part of your business in so much as it establishes the internal culture within your company and in turn the image it projects to your customers.


Your brand is ultimately a concept, not a concrete object. It comes together to reflect the values and aims of your business as a whole. Think about the ideas and feelings that your customer or client sees when they consider your product or service. Is it inspirational, unique and or appealing?

Often it’s not the actual product or service but actually the prestige, credibility or aspirational goals associated with your brand that spurs a potential client or customer to engage with your business. Think Apple, Coca-Cola, Nike and you get the idea. These brands have managed to associate their products with a lifestyle or standard of living that is aspirational and appealing to our generation and no doubt future generations.

Great branding builds trust while helping to connect your customers or clients on an emotional level. It creates a motivated and loyal customer base who believe in your company’s story and vision, and more importantly, keep coming back.

Check out some of the Brand Assets from some of the worlds biggest social media brands.

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