Social Media Management

Social media management is now a very important factor in the success of your business. No longer can you rely on a static website to convert. You need to be seen on lots of social channels and update regularly in order to grow your brand awareness. Your social media success can be measured using tools such as Hootsuite, Tweetdeck and Sprout Social. These are great if you have lots of social media platforms to keep an eye on. Facebook and Twitter have their own metrics measurement tools. Some nifty features allow you to track your insights and furthermore search for mentions in news and post’s that are especially relevant to you.

Online marketing has consequently become a real challenge with so many platforms to choose from. It’s no wonder companies can feel overwhelmed as a result! In order to know how and if your time and effort are worth your while you need to monitor exactly how many people are seeing and engaging with your social media campaigns. It’s so important to set yourself realistic goals that are relevant to you and your audience. To stay ahead of your business goals and objectives, monitor these three important areas to measure your social media success.

Three Key Area’s

There are many ways to measure your campaign and a lot of tools out there which can be overwhelming to newbies. For this reason therefore, I have narrowed it down to three key areas: Reach, Engagement and Conversion.


How many people have seen your posts? Take time to build your audience and community using relevant campaigns that drive awareness, authority, brand recognition and most of all trust. Trust will build a following of loyal followers or customers. These are the people that will share your posts and as a result, will lead to a higher reach and most importantly a higher conversion rate. The most successful campaigns use the power of storytelling when creating content worth sharing.


How are people interacting with your social media campaigns? To measure your engagement you will be looking at how many people are sharing your content. The more commenting, liking and re-tweeting you obtain from your audience, the more successful your campaigns will be. In order to increase your engagement make sure your content is shareworthy. Feedback is very important so you need to engage with your audience and key influencers regularly. Be on hand to answer any queries or problems they might have. Provide value to your audience by promoting content that appeals directly to your target audience.


Is your social media campaign converting? Conversion indicators are different for each company. For some, it will be determined by how many sales have resulted in their campaign. For others, it could mean an increase in blog subscriptions, more product downloads, increased ratings or more people signing up for your newsletter. You need to determine what your own business goals are and measure accordingly.

See the visual below for more social media best practices.


Make Social Measurable: Best Practices and Metrics to Grow and Succeed

Via Salesforce

Are you spending your time and money wisely? The secret to tracking social media is collecting and analysing the various data and insights, and selecting the metrics that make the most sense for your company.

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