Dublin City Coffee Table Book


From our best and loved, laneways and alleyways, this project brings the unique nature of Dublin’s hidden treasures to life!

Coffee Table Book

Through our modern approach, clear & concise information we designed, typeset, photographed and project managed this memorable book from concept to completion.

Laneways and Alleyways in Dublin

Books, Magazines and Company Reports

Visual Layout and Typography

My goal is to make your book, magazine or company report visually appealing and easy to read, while also effectively conveying the content to your reader.

As a designer, I am responsible for the visual layout and typography. This includes elements such as page layout, font choice, and cover design. I also make decisions about the placement and formatting of images, headings, and other text elements. 

Annual Reports & Company Brochures 

I create visually appealing and professional-looking documents that showcase a company’s financial performance and other key information to shareholders and other stakeholders. I can design charts and graphs to display financial data, as well as incorporate photographs, illustrations, and other graphics to make the document more engaging and easy to understand.

I work closely with your company to ensure the design effectively conveys your branding and messaging. My goal is to present the company’s information in a clear and compelling way.