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Square Box Interiors

Square Box Interiors is an Interior Design and Consultancy Service based in Dublin.


Interior Design Logo & Branding Materials

Sandra of Square Box Interior’s needs was to build trust and create a loyal interior design brand that represents their ability to think creatively and bring fresh perspectives to their client’s spaces.

Through the collaborative process, we designed key brand elements such as her logo, a strong colour scheme, typography, and other design components that make Square Box Interiors brand stand out from competitors, and be recognisable to her clients.

For her logo, we focused on the elements of a clean design aesthetic with a specific focus on Sandra’s industry. We designed a simple square logo that represents the outline of a room with an open welcoming door. This simple design creates a visually appealing and relevant symbol for an interior design brand and represents Sandra’s brand naming and identity in a clear and straightforward manner.

The simplicity of our square logo allows it to make a strong visual impact while maintaining a timeless and professional appearance. It’s geometric shape and balanced proportions create a sense of stability and order, reflecting the brand’s reliability and attention to detail.

For the main brand colour, we choose this bold yellow to inspire fresh ideas and out-of-the-box thinking, making it suitable for Square Box Interiors which prides itself on unique and innovative design solutions.


Web Design and Build 

Graphic Design and illustration

Three interior design business cards set against a concrete background.
Interior Design Folder Presentation Design Mockup
Front and Back of Interior Design business cards sitting on a concrete slab.
Interior Design Promotional Brochure Mockup
Interior Design Stationary Design Mockup
Interior Design Invoice Design Mockup
Interior Design Branding Materials.

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