Shaolin Natural Way Festival

Festival Highlights

Based in Slane, the Shaolin Buddhist Temple, has been in operation in Ireland since 1980. Chris Flynn Design, worked with the Temple for the event launch of their new festival, the Shaolin Natural Way.

This was a relaxed Open Day Festival of Free Sample Therapies including ‪‎Accupuncture‬Reflexology‬ ‪‎and Aroma Touch‬ ‪‎Massage‬. The special guest ‪on the day was Chi Gong‬ Master Mr Choi from Hong Kong. There was Tai Chi and Kung Fu demonstrations and an incredible Dragon Dance in the beautiful zen‬ garden’s of the Shaolin Temple.

Festival Promotion

The project involved name generation, brand strategy, visual identity and logo identity.

We launched a social media campaign across multiple platforms, including a digital media campaign, posters flyers and bannner-stands to promote this very successful event.

Advertising in press and radio was also part of the strategy which was rolled-out nationally.

Look out for future upcoming events from the Shaolin Temple .

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