Healing Hub International

An Innovative Network and Support Model.

Healing Hub International is a completely new approach to the integration of the complementary and medical healthcare practices. It creates a space for both therapists and medical staff to work together, improving the quality and efficacy of care offered to the public.

Holistic Web Directory

We worked with Healing Hub International to build a searchable web directory enabling holistic therapist’s, doctors and nurses to connect, collaborate, share and support each other. The search directory provides potential clients with a list of available services along with links to their respective websites and bios.  This creates an openness that enables trust, along with the comments and review system, where clients can share their experiences. It is also connected to a Time Trading system which means you can trade your service for that of other members.

Once we understood the nature of our clients business, we worked to build a functional, attractive and unique website that brought their business forward and positioned it for international growth.


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